Being a magician I was famous in the whole town and when I do shows there are almost thousands of people who watched me doing the tricks. I became magician just because for a cause the girl I had lived with from childhood my love veronica. She was beautiful as a dream girl of mine. Once we were playing and her father came and too her and banned her from seeing me. This event became the ghost of my life. I went abroad to learn the magic where I found a men who taught me the magic tricks and never asked for anything in return.

When I came back in town after 15 years all people was shocked to see me. I started my magic shows there and people became a fan of my shows. Masking guy doing tricks that were unbelievable made people go crazy about me. I remembered my promise to that girl I will go vanished with her with magic.

I used my tricks and made my name in that town and people were coming they used to wear the same costumes that i used in my tricks. I was back stage when a guy came to me this mysterious guy was playing online casino in his phone and insisted me to play it. The pokey named lucky witch, it was all about reels and slots game making the combination and the action figures in it made it more alive and interesting to be played. i had pure fun that day with this casino and made enough money that I makes from my 2 shows.

That day I started playing that slot and made much money sometimes later and the father of that girl came to me for the marriage of her daughter. I still used to play it and it gives me much pleasure than any other game.