I am a war journalist and went to many places like Libya, Somaliya etc. I have been captured during my work and tortured and publicly urinated on for 4 days. I still remember the days when I used to be a kid who left the small town in Canada just to fulfil his dreams of being something big. I am Paul delight the guy who reports at the war. Once I had a letter that my father had died and I should be there to hear the will. I never went to my hometown since I had left it has been 10 years from then. I was a little bit excited about going there having hope of meeting my girlfriend Joe.

When I get there with my English accent my brother who was angry with me insisted on me stopping there for a while. I went to a cottage between hills to stay and it had a marvellous view of the hills. I had thousands of books there in shed of my father. I was going to stop there for a while so I had started teaching English in school. The students of school were growing much faster. Pretty much like Friday parties booze and sex was got common.

I was shocked how much my hometown had changed but I liked the only thing about it which was its silence. I had a little attachment grown up with a kid there named Jane she comes to my place for borrowing books and used to talk me about outer world and future.

One day when she told me she was going to run away tonight. I got shocked and tried everything to stop her from going but she did not listen to me. Then at last I started playing an online casino game in my phone named lucky nugget. It was much like any other slot but a little bit different because of its mind blowing user interactions and the combination out of reels had to make for winning the jackpot and making a big fortune.

Jane saw me playing that and she started that too. She liked it so much that she borrowed my phone that night and played the game all night long. She changed her decision of going out of that town till her graduation.