It was a time when I used to be a gym trainer in New York. Having a good physique and lack of mind I did not have much money. My only dreams were to get rich anyhow; I was ambitious and ready to do anything that got me into troubles sometimes. But I remember a time when it got so much trouble. There were two friends of mine in the gym rock and snoop they both were ambitious like me. I had a client rich as bill gates whom I train for physique. He used to tell me about his work and how much money he was making. After listening from him I decided to double cross him and took the money from him.

I made a plan with two of my friends of kidnapping him and make and extortion this plan was good with a van of mine and garage I had where I intended to put him. We kidnapped him and started torturing him until he said something that I never liked, he called me useless and beggar so I punched him like four times and his breathing stopped. I was shocked and became a proper killer that time. I was afraid that my craving had took me to this much trouble.

We were drinking in a pub when a guy named Stephen came to us and he was playing something in his phone. An online casino and he told me how much money had he made from this. After hearing about this I started playing this interesting pokie named lucky stars. This game had 3 reels and line of slots. Multipliers of 5x and other options made it much more fun. And I found an easy way to make fortune with fun.

After that day I stopped the crimes and my eagerness to be a millionaire got true.